• Bridging the Gap...

    PCL Civil Contractors

    This four-phase bridge replacement project had major space constraints, but PCL was able to save their client $100 million. This vertical lift bridge moves like an elevator, rather than a traditional drawbridge..

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  • Get a Green Room

    MARRIOTT International.

    Marriott built America's first LEED certified hotel and has continued to lead the industry by partnering with USGBC to develop the LEED Volume Program which eliminates guesswork.

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  • Military Grade

    Ewing Cole

    West Point's new LEED Gold $135 million prep school facility involved everything from new barracks to three athletic fields — and two challenges with groundwater and landfill gas.

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  • Building Dreams

    Consolidated Contracting Services, Inc.

    Transforms dreams into very real destinations.

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  • Building the Future

    As Dominic Ozanne once took over Ozanne Construction Company Inc. froom his father,

    this company keeps evolving to keep up its tradition for being the best.

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